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The Wonder Woman Initiative launched during Miami Swim Week in 2018, opening with an inaugural award show in honor of 4 female survivors. Since then, the initiative has curated over 30 events and fashion week shows including a ground-breaking event at New York Fashion Week in 2019. The Wonder Woman Initiative has also awarded over 50 women and raised funds to help the underprivileged in the City of Miami, in Haiti, and in Nigeria


Amplifying the voices of women, using fashion and the arts as vehicles to drive change.

Since our inception, it has been important to stay true to our vision and mandate to see the woman's intrinsic power and value be amplified. We do this through our brand messaging, and also by curating live events and fashion shows to uplift women within the scope of community.

For years, clothes and artistic design have served as symbolic representations of a particular quality or concept within society. Our overarching goal is to use fashion and the arts as vehicles to drive positive change within society, and to champion causes that support humanitarianism. In partnering with strong voices, we are able to drive positive change across different spheres that go beyond the walls of fashion.


Our Strategy

We believe in the power of personal experience as a very competent teacher in the journey of life, and the testimonies of women who have been victorious through many of life's challenges can be the catalyst for positive change in the lives of many other humans. We create avenues for creativity, vision, and hope to flourish, all while making sure that our community nurtures a safe haven that is engaging, entertaining, inspirational, and still allows for the beauty of vulnerability to take place.  

Our Journey So Far



Awarded over 12 Women in 1 year. Hosted a fund raiser in partnership with Female Development World Organization and Pain 2 Purpose Organization.



Presented by the Mayor of the City of Miami Beach, Dan Gebler, the Wonder Woman Initiative was recognized as a beacon of change in the community. 

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Tayo Ishola

Founder | Creative Director

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Tayo Ishola is a Fashion & Social Entrepreneur. Born and raised in Nigeria, Tayo got introduced to the fashion industry through pageantry in her early teens and was scouted by a modeling agency based in South Africa at age 16. From Nigeria to South Africa to China to New York and eventually to Miami, fashion indeed was an open door to moments of wins and failures that birthed a renewed sense of purpose within Tayo. This new sense of purpose enabled her to grow with an intense passion for creativity and a heart that seeks to marry the arts with humanitarianism. Tayo developed a deep interest for the swimwear industry when she moved to Miami in 2010 and she has since used the industry as a mission field.  


In 2015, Tayo founded a swim and resort wear brand called Eido Swimwear. 'Eido' is an ancient Greek word that means to be aware, discerning or perceptive, and the inspiration for the name came as a result of her encounters with people she believes were discerning enough to help her pivot through challenges at specific make-or-break moments. The brand opened doors to various avenues for life-changing conversations to happen, which is how the Wonder Woman Initiative was founded. What started as one event with a mission to stir up and enliven the power within the woman, soon became a series of projects and live events that solidified the core of what the organization is about today. 


Christine Handy is an international print and runway Model. Christine is the author of the book Walk Beside Me, a fictional depiction of Christine’s life. Christine became a Key-Note Speaker after her book was published in 2016. Christine is a mentor, a breast cancer advocate, a public figure, a Social Media Influencer, a Nationally recognized Humanitarian and a Mother of two sons. Christine serves on the board of three non-profit organizations: EBeauty, People of Purpose, and the Break Free Foundation. Christine’s first novel is currently being adapted into a film called Hello Beautiful.

Christine Handy



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