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Wonder Woman Initiative Foundation

More Than Just Fashion

We believe in the power of personal experience as a very competent teacher in the journey of life, and the testimonies of women who have been victorious through many of life's challenges can be the catalyst for positive change in the lives of many other humans.


We create avenues for creativity, vision, and hope to flourish, all while making sure that our community nurtures a safe haven that is engaging, entertaining, inspirational, and still allows for the beauty of vulnerability to take place.

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Vision & Mission


The Wonder Woman Initiative Foundation Inc. is the non-profit arm of the Wonder Woman Initiative, and it is dedicated to supporting women and girls to become leaders in their communities. We are committed to providing resources and support to women and girls who are aspiring to make a positive impact in their lives and the lives of others. Our goal is to create a world where every woman and girl has the opportunity to reach their full potential irrespective of their circumstances.


We believe that servant-leadership is a key component of our work, and in partnership with notable women-leaders, we focus on building self-esteem, providing mentorship, providing aid, and fostering leadership and technical skills in women and girls.


Sew It Forward

Seeding Into The Future

The Sew It Forward Project provides global exposure and scaling opportunities to rising designers, fostering their success.

Meet the 2024 winners:

Threads Of Hope

The Wonder Woman Initiative lends a healing hand to women and girls in shelters through "Threads of Hope", a workshop series focused on resilience and mental well-being.

The program equips participants with:

  • Resilience and mental health tools to navigate challenging circumstances.

  • Sewing skills that can become a source of income or personal expression.

  • Craft as a healing tool to promote self-care and positive coping mechanisms.


Threads of Hope fosters a safe space​ for creativity, fostering hope and the belief that a fresh start is achievable.



Dedicated to making a positive impact.

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