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The Transcendent Image

The Wonder Woman Initiative Presents EIKÓN at Art Basel Miami Joining forces with female designers & artists, fusing elements of fashion, art and humanitarianism in one space.


Eikón (i-kone): an image, statue, representation.


As the concept of art changes with modern influences and media, we bring attention to the most important art form—the human. Art, as a diverse range of human activity that involves the expression of creative and imaginative talent, very often receives more attention than its originating source. Through Eikón, we seek to immerse guests in a visual experience that draws attention to the woman form, also highlighting concepts of the diversity of the woman existence, experience, struggles, and triumphs beyond the confines of society’s collective understanding. In joining forces with women designers and artists who align with our vision, guests can expect a unique Art Basel experience that fuses elements of fashion, art and humanitarianism in one space. Every year, Miami serves as host to Artists and galleries from around the world as they showcase their best work to the United States and its visitors. The Wonder Woman Initiative seeks to push beyond barriers in bringing re-definitions and a wholistic understanding to the idea of art and the artist.

Showcasing Designers

Mrs. kays


Sexy Sweats

Nubi Collections

VIP Queen Collection by Jennifer Nicole Lee

I Am Eido


Olympian and Professional Track and Field Athlete, Priscilla Loomis 

Entrepreneur, Terresa Zimmerman

Forbes 30 Under 30 Entrepreneur, Claire Coder

International Award-winning DJ, Rita "DJ ReRe" Curry

Actress, Singer, and Entrepreneur, Gwendolyn Osborne

Featured Artists

Dionysius Burton presenting the Eve Esthetic

In 2014 Dionysius “Dion” Burton began developing The Eve Esthetic fine art series based on the idea of the mitochondrial eve aka the Eve Gene. In 2015 and 2016 Dion participated in multiple showcases around Tampa Bay, Florida. Being a commercial fashion photographer, the demand from clients required his focus to shift and it wasn’t until 2018 that Dion began working on the project again. This time he approached the project with a more robust storyline, better equipment for shooting and designing, and a true support team. March 15, 2020 Dion premiered “The Eve Esthetic and Her Kingdom”at Studio Kaza located in Miami, Florida.

Dr. Sheg presenting the “Obirin” Collection

“Obirin” means woman in the Nigerian yoruba language, which also happens to be the native language of the artist. The Obirin collection features a painting of a woman from three different angles and with three different color schemes. The art collection portrays the concept of the human persona and reminds viewers of the idea that the human is multifaceted, and the subjective experience of a person is based on the perspective of the viewer. The art collection was inspired by the 12th century terracotta sculptures of the Ife kingdom in western Nigeria and relies heavily on the artistic concept of realism. It is the artist’s intention to debunk a lot of the faulty narratives that surround the concept of ancient African kingdoms as well as give a glimpse into what life looked like in those times.

Meet The Wonder Women

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