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Miami Swim Week 2021 (RECAP)

MIAMI, 2021

On the 10th of July 2021, The Wonder Woman Initiative hosted its annual Miami Swim Week show at the Kimpton Angler's Hotel. The show was themed "Back to Eden", creatively directed by the Founder to mentally and visually usher guests into a place of collective wellness after the pandemic.

The runway presentation consisted of multiple designers who showcased their latest collections in alignment with the “Back to Eden” theme. Wonder Woman Initiative's founder Tayo Ishola, who is also the designer of Eido Swimwear revealed the brand's 'Back to Eden' Collection. The other leading brands that showcased were Voglia Swimwear by designer Ashley-Victoria Smith, Abacaxi Keeni by designer Lana Meduric, and designer Jnaba Diallo revealed her new collection called 'Dieo.'

Honoree, Kathy Ortiz who is the Founder of the Sharing is Caring Foundation, received a Wonder Woman Initiative Impact Award.
The Wonder Woman Initiative presented awards to women that are a making a local and global impact at this event. The Honorees were Miss Universe 1992, Michelle McLean; Brazilian model and activist, Karmel Bortoleti; Women's Rights Activist, Dr. Sabine Martelly; Kathy Ortiz, the founder of the Sharing Is Caring Foundation.

"Back To Eden" was indeed a great time to reconnect with a community of fashion enthusiasts and friends in the wellness sphere.

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