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Empatheia: An Eido Swimwear Wonder Woman Initiative Presentation

NEW YORK, 2019

Eido Swimwear & The Eido Swimwear Wonder Woman Initiative curated a unique presentation honoring and showcasing a diverse group of women during New York Fashion Week at AFA Gallery NYC. Advocacy and servant leadership are roads less traveled, and most times, there's a story of something that happens in a person's life to nudge them towards looking out for others. On the 9th of February in New York, through the Eido Swimwear Wonder Woman Initiative, the brand previewed its new collection Empatheia and honored 5 exceptional women from around the city. From battles with terminal illness to domestic violence and abuse, each woman had risen from struggle or pain, and had channeled it all into a passion and fire to contribute to the greater good. From age 17 to age 62, every woman was represented at this presentation.

Dance & musical performances by Amanda Beasley and Marsha Elle.
This event was co-hosted and powered by Freshmes, the new social platform helping women master the juggle between work and life. The new Eido Swimwear R/S '19 collection of the same name 'Empatheia', is inspired by women given to service, and pieces were hand-sewn in special honor of women who have honed empathy as a virtue worth having. As the brand continues this ongoing conversation that amplifies its mission and vision of the aggrandizement of women across the world, it was important to bring together exceptional female servant leaders to the community in the heart of New York city, who not only support women and diversity but have strong character and abilities and actively use them within our community. Guests enjoyed food by Fresh and Co., and they were entertained by a joint artistic performance by ballet dancer Amanda Beasley and Singer/Songwriter Marsha Elle. Guests left inspired and understanding that as we rise to the consciousness of the power of service within each and every one of us, together, we push forward, shattering barriers as a collective.

The night ended with a presentation of the Wonder Woman Initiative awards to each Honoree, including a special bright and shining light award to recipient Marcy Kielczynski.

Special thanks to our venue host sponsor AFA Gallery NYC and Heidi Leigh for helping us build a comfort-haven where guests were able to commune and converse.

Thanks to:
Photography: @lereefdesigns
Videography: @mark_photo68
Honorees: Dr. Durgam, Claudia CC. Collazo, Phyllis A. Woods, Liza Goncalves Richardson, Diane Simovich
Award Presenters: Jennifer Mairo, Lory Toussaint, Therese Miu, Jennifer Soberal, Heidi Leigh.
Host: Olivia Voznenko
Visual Aesthetics Person: Franklin Myrtle
Jewelry Sponsor: Ethnic Ears Store
Makeup Team: @summersolstice @plushbeauty_
Red Carpet Host: Susanna Margarita of "The Fresh Truth" - A Freshmes exclusive segment.

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